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Structural Repairs

Premier Preservations have become specialists in this area of structural work, most of our work is carried out under the supervision of a qualified structural engineer or chartered building surveyor. We can also advise you on the appointment of a suitable structural engineer or chartered building surveyor.

Lateral Restraints

Signs of bulging brickwork are often highlighted on houses where a middle section of a wall is pulling away from the main structure of the building. The cause of such buckling walls is often due to the combination of excessive vertical loads and inadequate mechanical connection between perimeter walls and the main structure of the building. for example the timber joists. partition walls and party walls.

In older buildings that have no joist-hangers the timbers often sit into pockets in the masonry and rely purely upon friction to maintain their relative position to It. When this frictional resistance is overcome by forces that encourage the wall outwards. the connection between the wall and the joist is lost. leaving the wall free standing and vulnerable. In the past. means of arresting outward movement of the walls have included the insertion of intrusive heavy duty tie-bars and pattress plates.

Other methods of strengthening the walls connection with abutting structural timber include the utilisation of lateral restraint straps or angle irons. often held in place by lightweight screws and plugs; both methods involve much more internal upheaval and disruption as internal floorboards are lifted and plasterwork is disturbed.

Lateral Restaint Straps for Bowed Walls

Crack Stitching

Cracks in the walls are the direct result of movement beyond that which can be accommodated by the construction materials. Typically wall cracks where masonry is over-stressed and least restrained, such as at windows and door openings or at corners.

The movement that results in cracked walls is usually caused by variations in the moisture content of the masonry, or in the ground that supports it, temperature variations or by chemical reactions’. Some movements are cyclic and reversible, many are permanent.

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